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Completed Jobs by Bock Air Conditioning

September 24, 2023 | Mansfield, TX

The home owner called in stating their home warranty company had tried fixing their HVAC system multiple times. We arrived Sunday morning and installed a temporary AC cooling system to keep the home owner cool until we were able to get their new equipment installed. They called on a Sunday ...

September 21, 2023 | Burleson, TX

The home owner called us out on a Friday stating they needed someone to come out and diagnose their HVAC system. Once evaluated, it was determined they had they were in need of a new condenser and inside evaporator coil. The home owner was getting multiple bids from other companies ...

August 27, 2023 | Burleson, TX

The customer called in stating their system wasn't cooling. Once arrived, we diagnosed that the capacitor and fan motor had failed and needed replaced. Once we replaced them, it was up and cooling!

August 26, 2023 | Crowley, TX

The home owner just purchased the home and stated that it wasn't cooling. Once arrived, we were able to confirm that the HVAC system was still under manufacturer warranty and the capacitor needed to be changed. Once that was replaced, the system was up and cooling in no time!

August 26, 2023 | River Oaks, TX

We have a service agreement with Bock. Last night the A/C stopped blowing cold air and it's almost 90 degrees in the house. Once we arrived it had been determined that the capacitor and contactor had failed and both needed replaced. Once replaced, they were cooling in no time!

August 25, 2023 | Cleburne, TX

Customer called in stating they found us through Groupon and would like a maintenance check up. No issues were found upon arrival and system was in good condition!

August 21, 2023 | Fort Worth, TX

Customer called in the early morning hours stating their system isn't cooling correctly. We scheduled them same day and upon arriving it was determined that the run capacitor had failed. Once replaced, the home owner was up and running and their home was cooling.

August 18, 2023 | Arlington, TX

The home owner called in stating that their tenant property had issues with their HVAC system. Upon arrival, it was determined that they needed a new outdoor unit. The home owner authorized replacement and now they are cooling great!

August 11, 2023 | Fort Worth, TX

The home owner called in stating they saw us on Groupon and would like an AC Tune-Up. Once we arrived, we performed our 25 point maintenance and safety inspection and the home owner was good to go!

August 10, 2023 | Burleson, TX

The home owner called in wanting an estimate for repairs/replacement for duct work. Upon arrival, we quoted the home owner and he authorized repairs. Now their ducts are sealed and good to go!

August 7, 2023 | Burelson, TX

Long time customer called in stating they were having some issues with 2 systems at 2 different buildings on their properties. Once we arrived, it was determined that multiple repairs were needed to get them up and running. Now they are cooling in their home and their church building.

August 5, 2023 | Burleson, TX

Home owner called in stating their low pressure sensor was staying open and needed to be diagnosed. Upon inspection, we diagnosed a leak in their evap coil and quoted them a new coil and refrigerant.

July 28, 2023 | Fort Worth, TX

Home owner saw us on Groupon and wanted us to come out to perform our 25 point maintenance and safety inspection on their HVAC system. Once performed, the home owner was good to go with no issues!

July 15, 2023 | Hurst, TX

Home owner stated that in the middle of the night their system stopped cooling. We scheduled a service call on Sunday afternoon and had them up and running in no time!

May 10, 2023 | Burleson, TX

The customer called in stating they were having issues with their system not kicking on. The customer purchased a new high efficiency HVAC system with a great 10 year parts warranty, 1 year labor coverage and 2 year maintenance package. Bonus, they also received an incentive check from Oncor!

Total: 42

What Customers Say About Bock Air Conditioning

“I had them come out and inspect my ductless mini split unit. They are knowledgeable when it comes to these types of units unlike many companies. If you have one in need of service or install give them a call. I will be using them from now on for regular service as well as installing my next unit.”

“Great service from the first call, they picked up the phone on a hot hot holiday weekend… thank you for whoever answered the phone.. and a great big shout out to Steve for finding me a unit and hooking me up so speedy fast…”

“Was very pleased with my experience, my AC went out on a Sunday afternoon called Bock and they had a tech out to me same day quickly! The tech was very informative and extremely down to earth. Highly recommend for your hvac needs.”

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