Humidity Control in Fort Worth & Burleson, TX

Inside your home or office, humidity control is important because high humidity or moisture can impact your health as well as take a toll on your structure. Moisture also encourages mold growth and other allergens. By reaching out to our professionals for humidity control services, we can add a dehumidifier or a humidifier to your HVAC system to make your property more comfortable in BurlesonFort Worth, Crowley, Alvarado, or Arlington.

For more than two decades, our humidity control experts at Bock Air Conditioning Services have set the industry standard for o HVAC-related services throughout our North Texas service area. As part of our home energy evaluation services, our crews can control your indoor humidity or calculate your heat load to make sure that your heating & cooling system is functioning at peak efficiency. For more information or to schedule an energy evolution ASAP at your property, simply call 817-382-3435 or click here.

Signs That You Need Humidity Control at Your DFW Property

  • A stuffy feeling in the home of the office
  • Musty odors are prevalent
  • Skin rash or allergic reactions in residents & employees
  • Condensation on doors and windows
  • Damp or wet stains on walls & ceilings
  • Signs of rot on wooden floors & furniture
  • Mold growth or black stains on walls & ceilings
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Ways to Control Indoor Humidity by Bock Air Conditioning Services

After assessing your property, we use a hygrometer to measure the indoor humidity level at your home or office. If the humidity level is too high for comfort, we offer dehumidifier installation, heat load calculation, air duct sealing, crawl space encapsulation, and additional services to alleviate the problem. For regulating your indoor humidity levels on your own, important steps include:

  • Keep gutters clean & free of debris
  • Regularly change the filters of your HVAC unit
  • Don’t use a dryer to dry the laundry
  • Use the exhaust fan to keep excess moisture away
  • Fix all leaking fixtures, windows, & doors
  • Add indoor plants to release their moisture
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Let Us Regulate Your Indoor Humidity in Burleson, Fort Worth, & Crowley

A timely check of your indoor humidity level can help you control it and help reduce moisture-related issues that can damage your property. Bock Air Conditioning Services is the company to contact for the most effective humidity control services available throughout the DFW Metroplex. To find out more about us, please call 817-382-3435 or click here to schedule a service ASAP.


What Customers Say About Bock Air Conditioning

“I had them come out and inspect my ductless mini split unit. They are knowledgeable when it comes to these types of units unlike many companies. If you have one in need of service or install give them a call. I will be using them from now on for regular service as well as installing my next unit.”

“Great service from the first call, they picked up the phone on a hot hot holiday weekend… thank you for whoever answered the phone.. and a great big shout out to Steve for finding me a unit and hooking me up so speedy fast…”

“Was very pleased with my experience, my AC went out on a Sunday afternoon called Bock and they had a tech out to me same day quickly! The tech was very informative and extremely down to earth. Highly recommend for your hvac needs.”

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