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Thermostat Replacement in Fort Worth & Arlington

A thermostat automatically controls the supply of conditioned air, relieving you from the extra task of switching on and off your AC. Therefore, when the thermostat malfunctions, it disrupts the temperature balance of your home as well as makes your AC run for longer periods than needed. As a result not only do you feel discomfort but also your utility bill increases.

At Bock Air Conditioning Services, we are providing thermostat replacement service along with our top-notch air conditioning services to the resident of Arlington, Crowley, Mansfield, Fort Worth and Alvarado, and other cities nearby in Texas. Dial 817-382-3435 or contact us online to talk with one of our pros directly.

Signs that Your Thermostat Isn't Working

Among many indications of a thermostat failure a few most common and frequent signs are mentioned below:

  • Temperature fluctuations: If the temperature in your home changes frequently, there may be a problem with your thermostat.
  • HVAC system not turning on or off: Your thermostat may be to blame if your HVAC system doesn't switch on or off as it should.
  • Inaccurate temperature readings: It could be time to have your thermostat fixed if it is giving you inaccurate temperature readings.
  • High energy bills: Energy costs that are higher than normal may indicate that your thermostat is causing your HVAC system to work harder than it ought to.

If cleaning the thermostat or tightening its connections by an expert doesn't fix the problem, then you must consider having your thermostat replaced. Call Bock Air Conditioning Services right away!

Thermostat installed in a home for climate control

Air Conditioning Services in Texas

We offer a range of other services to improve your property's indoor air quality. Some of our services are:

AC repair and maintenance technicians servicing an air conditioning unit.

Say Goodbye to Energy Waste | Replace Your Outdated Thermostat with Us!

Avoid experiencing erratic temperatures due to a malfunctioned thermostat. It's time to replace the outdated thermostat with a smart one and bid energy waste farewell. At Bock Air Conditioning Sevices, an up-to-date, power-efficient thermostat will be installed in your house by our skilled specialists. To help you enjoy a more pleasant home, we offer a free replacement estimates option. Contact us online or call us at 817-382-3435 right away!

What Customers Say About Bock Air Conditioning

“I had them come out and inspect my ductless mini split unit. They are knowledgeable when it comes to these types of units unlike many companies. If you have one in need of service or install give them a call. I will be using them from now on for regular service as well as installing my next unit.”

“Great service from the first call, they picked up the phone on a hot hot holiday weekend… thank you for whoever answered the phone.. and a great big shout out to Steve for finding me a unit and hooking me up so speedy fast…”

“Was very pleased with my experience, my AC went out on a Sunday afternoon called Bock and they had a tech out to me same day quickly! The tech was very informative and extremely down to earth. Highly recommend for your hvac needs.”

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