Oncor Energy Incentive Programs for Texas Homeowners

The following money-saving incentives are for the Oncor service area only. Texans living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Odessa, Lubbock, Tyler and Waco can take advantage of Oncor savings programs. Bock Air Conditioning can help you take advantage of the Oncor Energy Incentive Programs for Texas Homeowners' savings when you have a new air conditioner or heat pump unit installed.

The 2023 LIW program has an HVAC efficiency subprogram with a budget of $500,000. To qualify, air conditioners and heat pumps must meet the following energy efficiency requirements:

Type of HVAC System Energy Efficiency Requirements
Air conditioner, split type, nameplate capacity below 45,000 BTU/h Minimum SEER2 = 14.3
Minimum EER2 = 11.5
Air conditioner, split type, nameplate capacity of 45,000 BTU/h or higher Minimum SEER2 = 13.8
Minimum EER2 = 11.5
Air conditioner, single package Minimum SEER2 = 13.4
Minimum EER2 = 11.5
Heat pump, split type Minimum SEER2 = 14.3
Minimum EER2 = 11.5
Minimum HSPF2 = 7.5
Heat pump, single package Minimum SEER2 = 13.4
Minimum EER2 = 11.5
Minimum HSPF2 = 6.7

*These conditions apply for both the Low-Income Weatherization (LIW) Program and the Home Energy Efficiency (HEE) Program.

Note: SEER2, EER2 and HPSF2 refer to energy efficiency metrics determined under the new testing requirements that took effect in January 2023. They have replaced the older SEER, EER and HSPF ratings.

The incentive rate for all eligible HVAC systems is $31/kW and $0.027/kWh, subject to the following limits based on system capacity:

HVAC System Capacity (tons) Maximum Incentive ($)
2 tons $1,900
2.5 tons $2,100
3 tons $2,500
3.5 tons $2,800
4 tons $3,100
5 tons $3,300

All new HVAC installations must include a smart thermostat to be eligible for these incentives, and the model must be listed by the US Department of Energy.

Oncor’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Oncor Electric Delivery is the largest transmission and distribution utility in Texas, serving more than 10 million customers. Oncor is characterized by its solid commitment to helping its customers improve their energy efficiency, and they run some of the largest incentive programs in the Lone Star State, including Take a Load Off Texas. 

Oncor offers programs for all main customer categories: residentialbusinessgovernmenteducation and nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit https://quickelectricity.com/oncorincentives/.

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