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Air Handler Repair and Replacement in Fort Worth Burleson, TX

For more than 25 years, Bock Air Conditioning Services has been offering air handler repair and replacement services. Whether it's a minor malfunction or a significant breakdown, our team is equipped to handle all types of repairs for ductwork air handlers. From motor failures to airflow restrictions, we address each issue to restore optimal performance. To prevent future issues and prolong the lifespan of your ductwork air handlers, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans.

Our scheduled maintenance visits include ductwork repair, duct replacement, duct sealing, cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of critical components to keep your system running smoothly. We are available throughout Burleson, Crowley, Alvarado, and other DFW cities that we serve.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Handler

  • Decreased Efficiency: If your air handler is struggling to maintain consistent airflow or temperature, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Strange Noises: Unusual sounds such as banging, squealing, or rattling could indicate mechanical issues within the air handler.
  • Persistent Odors: Foul or musty smells emitting from the air handler can signify mold or bacterial growth, necessitating replacement.
  • Frequent Repairs: If you find yourself repeatedly calling for repairs, it might be more cost-effective to invest in a new air handler.
  • Age: Air handlers typically have a lifespan of 10–15 years. If yours is nearing or surpassing this age, consider replacing it to avoid potential breakdowns.
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Different Types of Air Handlers for Ductwork

  • Single-Speed Air Handlers: These air handlers operate at a fixed speed, typically providing a constant airflow rate. They are simple in design and relatively inexpensive but they may not offer the flexibility or energy efficiency of variable-speed models.
  • Variable-Speed Air Handlers: Variable-speed air handlers can adjust their airflow rates to meet the specific heating or cooling demands of a space. They are more energy-efficient than single-speed models and provide better comfort control by maintaining more consistent indoor temperatures.
  • Constant Volume Air Handlers: These air handlers maintain a constant airflow rate regardless of changes in the heating or cooling load. They are suitable for applications where consistent airflow is required, such as in commercial buildings with uniform occupancy patterns.
  • Modular Air Handlers: Modular air handlers consist of multiple smaller units that can be combined to meet the specific needs of a building. They offer installation flexibility and can be easily expanded or modified as the building's requirements change.
  • Packaged Air Handlers: Packaged air handlers contain all the components of an HVAC system, including heating and cooling coils, filters, and fans, in a single unit. They are commonly used in residential and small commercial applications where space is limited.
replace your air handler

What is the Functionality of Air Handlers?

Air handlers are linked to ductwork, an essential component of HVAC systems responsible for circulating conditioned air throughout a building. Let’s see how air handlers perform the following functions:

  • Air Circulation: Air handlers contain a blower fan that draws air from the building's interior through return ducts. Depending on the system's mode, this air may be either cooled or heated and then circulated back into the building through supply ducts.
  • Temperature Regulation: Air handlers help regulate the temperature of the air passing through the system. In cooling mode, air handlers pass air over chilled coils to lower their temperature, while in heating mode, they pass air over heated coils to raise their temperature.
  • Humidity Control: Some air handlers include components such as humidifiers or dehumidifiers to adjust the humidity levels of the circulated air. This is particularly important for maintaining comfort and indoor air quality.
  • Air Filtration: Air handlers often incorporate filters to remove airborne particles, dust, pollen, and other contaminants from the circulated air. This improves indoor air quality by reducing allergens and pollutants.
  • Ventilation: In addition to recirculating conditioned air, air handlers can also introduce fresh outdoor air into the building to improve ventilation. This helps dilute indoor pollutants and maintain oxygen levels.

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An air handler is an integral part of your HVAC system, which works alongside your air conditioner and heat pump. That’s why we understand the inconvenience of HVAC breakdowns, which is why we strive to provide prompt and reliable service to minimize downtime. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are happy with the results of our work.

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